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Mystery Reader!

Zoe’s Dad came in to read his favorite Dr. Seuss book📚!  We loved listening to him read the silly story!  Thank you!


Mexico Supply Drive

We learned from a fifth grader and his chaperone that will be going to Mexico.  They taught us that some children living in Mexico do not have enough money to buy school supplies.  We can bring money to school this week to help buy them supplies like crayons, markers and glue!

Lion 🦁 King!

We had fun watch RL students act out Lion King.  The actors, music, and costumes were great!  

Mystery Reader☺️

Marley’s mom came in to read a book 📚 by Dr.Seuss!  We loved hearing her read, Green Eggs and Ham.  

Mystery Reader

Jessica Noaeill, Abbi’s mom, came in to read.  She read one of our favorite Dr. Seuss stories, Yertle the 🐢☺!

Flashlight Friday! 

We are soooo excited about reading with our solar flashlights with the lights off!

Mystery Reader 📚☺

Keira’s grandma, Sue Smith, came in to read, Dandelion!  We loved listening to her read!